Stop identity theft.

We alert you as soon as data breaches with your personal information are found in the surface, social, deep, and dark web.

Investigate adversaries.

We help you uncover the real identities of bad actors quickly and confidently so you can recover funds, prevent fraud, and deflect and disrupt future attacks.

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The Identity Intelligence Company

Cyber attacks and data breaches cost consumers, companies and countries billions of dollars annually. This problem isn’t going away. In fact, it is getting worse every day. Hacked and dumped, or leaked identity information is proliferating in the surface, social, deep and dark web and bad actors are using this information to launch new attacks.

What We Do

4iQ continuously collects exposed identity information found in open sources on the surface, social, deep, and dark web. More than 14 Billion records found to date are curated into one of the largest collections of compromised identities – the 4iQ IDLake – in order to protect consumers from identity theft and investigate fraud, financial crimes and other threats.


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We send real-time alerts of stolen, leaked, or lost credentials and personal information so that our clients – Identity Theft Protection service providers – can warn consumers about the exposure.

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We help investigators analyze monikers or pseudonyms, connect the dots and unmask bad actors around the globe by combining open source intelligence with the 4iQ IDLake.

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We are intelligence community analysts, infosec pioneers, and tech entrepreneurs with a single mission: help clients protect identities and discover, uncover and disrupt cyber-enabled crime.

Donde entramos

Si está protegiendo a las personas, las empresas y los activos; o identificando adversarios e investigando delitos cibernéticos, 4iQ puede ayudar a reducir el impacto y las pérdidas financieras.

La tecnología y el equipo de 4iQ han pasado años buceando en la superficie, las redes sociales, profundas y oscuras para obtener registros de identidad filtrados, perdidos o robados abiertamente expuestos.

Nuestra marca de datos registrada, de más de 14 mil millones de registros, ayuda a las organizaciones a evaluar la exposición al riesgo para los clientes o a usar el datalake y otras herramientas de 4iQ para interrumpir actividades cibernéticas nefarias


What They Say

“With personal information and passwords constantly being hacked and sold nefariously in the deep and dark web, 4iQ IDTheft gives our customers peace of mind knowing that if their information is compromised, they are alerted immediately and can reset passwords and stop account takeover before it happens.”

- Leading identity theft protection company
“With 4iQ IDHunt, we uncovered the real identity of a suspicious actor that lead us to a criminal group selling credentials from our financial institutions in a matter of hours. We’ve already saved more than $100 million from instantaneously identifying fraudulent credit cards, and we project saving billions within the first year.”

- Leading global retail bank