Identity Intelligence

Protecting identities and investigating threats, adversaries, and fraud.

Current State

We see it in the headlines everyday.

People’s personal data is being exposed either accidentally or purposefully, creating a staggering amount of sensitive information used for malicious intentions. Cyber criminals are leveraging this compromised data to launch campaigns to monetize it any way they can.

At the same time, there’s a higher level of sophisticated adversaries who orchestrate more insidious attacks resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in losses through financial crime and putting people’s lives at risk.

Where we come in.

Whether you are protecting people, companies, and assets; or identifying adversaries and investigating cyber crime, 4iQ can help reduce impact and financial losses.

4iQ technology and team have spent years diving into the surface, social, deep and dark web for openly exposed leaked, lost, or stolen identity records.

Our proprietary, curated datalake of 14+ Billion records helps organizations assess risk exposure for clients or use the datalake and other 4iQ tools to disrupt nefarious cyber activities.

See what product best fits your needs.

Build Data Collections
Monitor Assets
Collaborate & Report

Disrupt Attacks

IDIA Platform

Identity Intelligence & Attribution (IDIA) Analysis for Intel Analysts

We help Cyber-crime Intelligence Units discover, uncover, and disrupt adversaries to fulfill mission objectives with effectiveness and efficiency. The 4iQ IDIA Platform enables analysts to build data collections, monitor assets, collaborate with other Intel Units, and deliver reports to fulfill business objectives.

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14+ Billion
Identity Records
thousands of breaches

Protect Identities

Identity Theft Intelligence Platform

APIs for to prevent Identity Theft, Account Takeover and Synthetic IDs

Register identities and receive near real-time alerts of stolen, leaked or lost credentials and personal information in the deep and dark web. The 4iQ IDTI platform protects millions of users today, and powers some of the largest Identity theft players in the world.

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