Identity-focused Cyber Intelligence

Protecting digital identities and investigating threats, bad actors and fraud.

Protect your Digital Identity

4iQ technology and team monitor the surface, social and deep and dark web for identity records exposed in data breaches and accidental leaks.

Early warning of exposed identities can help companies reduce risks created when hackers launch new attacks, from credential stuffing, account takeover and identity theft to social engineering and phishing.

Breaches in 2017

7 Billion
Curated Identity

Accidental Leaks
in 2017

In spite of securing devices, networks, applications and the cloud, even the most sophisticated organizations still get breached.

By listening to chatter, going where hackers buy, sell and trade data, and scouring the internet for leaking devices, 4iQ detects exposures before they can be used to launch new attacks.

Better Data

4iQ has collected and curated breach corpuses and accidentally published files containing billions of exposed identities.

Greater Security

By matching only hashed identities with hashes of newly exposed data, we safeguard our client’s privacy.

Trusted and Proven

The 4iQ platform protects millions of users today, and powers some of the largest Identity theft players in the world.

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3 Billion Curated
Identity Records
uncovered in 2017.

Send real-time alerts.

Identity Threat Intelligence Platform

for Account Protection

Register identities and receive near real-time alerts of stolen, leaked or lost credentials and personal information in the deep and dark web.

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Monitor threats across
the surface, social,
deep and dark web.

Track & Investigate.

OSINT+ Solution

for Cyber & Corporate Security

Protect executives, facilities, brands and operations. Collect, classify, investigate and disseminate Intelligence on risks to the business.

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