The Adversary Intelligence Company

Cyber attacks and data breaches cost consumers, companies and countries billions of dollars annually. This problem isn’t going away. In fact, it is getting worse every day. Hacked and dumped, or leaked identity information is proliferating in the surface, social, deep and dark webs and bad actors are using this information to launch new attacks.

What We Do

4iQ continuously collects exposed identity information found in open sources on the surface, social, deep, and dark web. More than 25+ Billion deduped and validated identity records with over 100+ Billion attributes to date have been curated and normalized, creating one of the largest collections of compromised identities – the 4iQ IDLake™ – to help investigators combat fraud, money laundering, counter terrorism financing, insider threats and other cyber crimes.  The 4iQ IDLake™ also helps protect consumers from identity theft and account takeover.


We help investigators analyze monikers or pseudonyms, enrich information with other datasets, and unmask bad actors and expedite the fraud and cybercrime investigation process.



We send real-time alerts of stolen, leaked, or lost credentials and personally identifiable information to power privacy protection, fraud prevention, and identity verification solutions for businesses and consumers.



We are intelligence community analysts, infosec pioneers, and tech entrepreneurs with a single mission: help clients protect discover, uncover and disrupt cyber-enabled crime.


Who We Serve

We empower the people on the frontlines of cyber war – intelligence analysts, threat hunters, criminal investigators – to efficiently and effectively investigate and monitor threat actors and cyber criminals involving fraud, cryptocurrency, identity theft, account takeover, money laundering and more.


Financial Institutions and Retailers
Cryptocurrency Exchanges
Security and Fraud Solution Vendors
IDTheft Protection Service Providers

Intel Professionals

Fraud Investigators
Anti-Money Laundering Investigators
Financial Crimes Investigators
Cyber Incident Response Teams

What They Say