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Head of Data Intelligence

José M. Chia

Head of Data Intelligence

José M. Chia is a serial entrepreneur, passionate about big data and open-source software.

In 2009, José M. founded Pirendo, providing Social Media intelligence and analytics to the majority of the Spanish leading marketing agencies. In 2016, he also founded ASPIS Technologies, a company focused on protecting people’s digital identity through big data and artificial intelligence. During that time, he built hacked-emails.com, the largest and most comprehensive portal providing free information of cybersecurity breaches. After the acquisition of ASPIS Technologies by 4iQ, José M. joined the company as the Head of Data Intelligence.

José M. began his passion with open source software, contributing to Debian Linux, Ubuntu Linux and Mozilla Firefox as a young adolescent. Currently he also serves as a strategic advisor and cybersecurity expert to blockchain-based, open-source projects.