4iQ Identity Intelligence & Attribution Analysis

Empowering Intelligence Analysts


  • Unmask Adversaries
  • Monitor Assets
  • Anticipate & Deflect

If you are working in intelligence operations conducting complex investigations, you know how arduous it can be to confidently identify threat actors and work collaboratively with analysts to accomplish missions.

Unmasking adversaries is typically obstructed due to the multiple layers of purposeful misdirection. Pseudo names and emails, anonymity tools, cryptocurrencies and other evasive tactics make tracking down real identities difficult and time consuming.

Multiple collection sources are hard to work with and aggregate information in a actionable way. Tools and groups are siloed making collaboration challenging. Meanwhile, evidence is not in one place, making reporting manual and time consuming.

Our Solution.

4iQ has a unique solution to help Intel analysts and operators increase effectiveness and efficiency, attributing and unmasking identities of adversaries.

With the 4iQ Identity Intelligence & Attribution (IDIA) Analysis Platform, analysts can build data collections, monitor assets, collaborate with other Intel units and deliver reports to fulfill business objectives.

This proactive defense technique can be used to prosecute criminals, take down infrastructure, freeze assets, launch psyops and anticipate, deflect and disrupt adversaries.

Full Control and Full Spectrum

Multiple Missions
Complete Control
Collection Engine
Turnkey Solution

Supports multiple investigations across different Cyber and Corporate Security units. Users have granular access controls, extensive logging and audit capabilities.

Gain full control over the full Intel cycle. On-premise or in the cloud, configure tens of thousands of sources, collection schedules, taxonomies and filter queries.

Large portfolio of built-in collectors can be configured to scan surface, social, deep and dark web as well as internal email and file systems.

Get Cyber & Corporate Security units up and running quickly. We provide fast deployment services and complete training.

Knowledge is Power.

fulfill mission objectives faster