4iQ OSINT+ Solution

Powering Cyber and Corporate Security


  • Investigations Workflow
  • Custom Threat Model
  • Dynamic Taxonomies

The unified 4iQ OSINT+ DARKINT Solution allows Cyber and Corporate Security analysts to collect information from surface, social, deep and dark web sources to investigate risks to executives, facilities, brands and business operations.

At the core of 4iQ OSINT+, information is stored in an actionable way, so researchers can explore entities and relationships to gain insights on investigations. As new information is gathered, the system can be configured to track, monitor and receive real-time alerts.

Built-in search capabilities allow analysts to drill down and locate useful information based on hierarchies, synonyms, relatedness, natural language processing, fuzzy searches, proximity searches and boolean operators.

You can deploy the OSINT+ solution on premise or in the cloud.

Full Control and Full Spectrum

Multiple Missions
Complete Control
Collection Engine
Turnkey Solution

Supports multiple investigations across different Cyber and Corporate Security units. Users have granular access controls, extensive logging and audit capabilities.

Gain full control over the full Intel cycle. On-premise or in the cloud, configure tens of thousands of sources, collection schedules, taxonomies and filter queries.

Large portfolio of built-in collectors can be configured to scan surface, social, deep and dark web as well as internal email and file systems.

Get Cyber & Corporate Security units up and running quickly. We provide fast deployment services and complete training.

Knowledge is Power.

Operate your own OSINT+ Center.