Identity Theft Intelligence Platform

Providing alerts as soon as exposed identities are discovered.


attacks initiated using stolen credentials.

Today, billions of usernames and passwords, personal and private information and terabytes of confidential documents are available in the deep and dark web. Hackers are harvesting this data to hijack accounts, initiate social engineering and launch new attacks.

The average person uses 2-3 passwords across 25 – 30 accounts and hackers know this too. They routinely launch credential stuffing attacks where they test exposed passwords from say an email account, against bank or corporate accounts.

4iQ reaches into the deep and dark web to capture credentials and other personal information that may be stolen or accidentally leaked. Once an exposure is detected, we send alerts so that consumers and companies can change passwords and protect themselves before account takeover, hijacked identities or raided bank accounts.

Enterprise Grade Platform: High Quality Data, Maximum Security and Proven Scalability

We have indexed billions of curated identity records, 100+ million documents, and over 300 thousand large, unknown and accidental breaches indexed to protect millions of executives, employees and customers today. 4iQ continuously searches for identity information in surface, social, and deep and dark Web sources.

Our 4iQ subject matter experts hunt and analyze breaches, monitor underground chatter and store hashed data in the 4iQ Breach Database while verifying authenticity and freshness of the data. We apply best practices with security compliance. Our Identity Theft Intelligence Platform is secured with fully hashed APIs.

We have separate environments and data sets for development and testing. Our Identity Theft Intelligence Platform is architected for high availability, auto-scaling and big data analytics.

The 4iQ Identity Theft Intelligence API

Our clients can register and monitor identities through our advanced API and send alerts as soon as exposures are detected.

  • Monitoring API to register and monitor identities. Responses are immediately returned to the application. You can also set up alerts to get notified via a callback URL, when a new event/document is detected. Requests and responses are in JSON format.
  • Search API to lookup identities by domains, brands and other keywords.
Full Coverage
Fresh & Accurate Data
Private & Secure
In Production @ Scale

4iQ searches all open web sources and scans underground forums, black markets and remote corners of the deep and dark web that other companies do not.

4iQ indexes not just well known breaches but also thousands of unknown exposures and accidental leaks. We then authenticate data and calculate risk.

For maximum privacy and security, customers only register hashed identities.

Protecting millions of users, 4iQ powers some of the largest Identity Theft players in the world today.

“When personal data is dumped online, it takes 9 minutes for thieves to start using it.”

Federal Trade Commission

May 2017

Data breaches have become an epidemic.

Learn how you can protect yourself and your organization.