4iQ Digital Risk Monitoring Service

Protecting Executives and Enterprises.


probability your password has been compromised.

There is one important question smart executives and companies can never ask too soon: “What if I am the source of a breach?” A breach can cause long lasting, financial and reputational damage.

4iQ scours the surface, social to the deep and dark Web, to uncover a baseline of report of historically lost, leaked or stolen data.

Then, 4iQ monitors and reports on risks that affect your people, physical property and digital assets on a real-time basis. Alerts are set up for high priority risks.

  • 4iQ Digital Risk Monitoring Service for Executives monitors the full attack surface (including personal identity information such as emails, phones, banking and credit card accounts, etc.) for leaked, lost or stolen identities and exposed confidential data.
  • 4iQ Digital Risk Monitoring Service for Enterprises uncovers technical and business risks that impact a company’s revenue, reputation, legal, compliance, and security of people and locations due to a variety of corporate incidents and third party leaks.

Executive Risk Monitoring Service

Corporate leaders are often the targets of cyber crime. Some are just collateral damage. In either case, it can be costly and career ending.

When a CEO’s account is breached, it can trigger an earthquake for the entire enterprise and the personal life of the target.

Aftershocks to the business often include exfiltrated intellectual property, phishing scams, exposed stolen customer lists, and countless other incidents that cause severe financial and reputational damage.

Crippling effects to the executive and those close to them can include financial account take over,

their circle of trust (including spouses, children, close friends, assistants, drivers, pilots and others)

In addition to more traditional methods, this protective bubble may be the best way available today to prevent a high value target from being breached.

Board & Executive Focus
Lost & Leaked Documents
Comprehensive Coverage
Attribution & Actionable

4iQ protects board members, key executives and privileged users. We monitor the full attack surface for exposed information that could be used for account takeovers, social engineering and other attacks.

4iQ looks for exposed documents that can disrupt product launches, impact earnings calls, affect mergers and acquisitions and damage a company's reputation.

4iQ maps your digital footprint, monitors your brand for domain abuse or typo-squatting, domains infected by malware, fake mobile apps, social media hijacking, hacktivist operations and other black market activity.

4iQ analyzes, authenticates and attributes every breach incident so you know if your data is being leaked by third parties, then recommends actions that you should take.

What is the impact of Cybercrime on Executive Leadership?
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