Password Security and Data Privacy Survey 2018

The results are in.

data breaches in numbers over 2017 and 2018
There has been a disturbing upward trend in cybersecurity data breaches and there’s little doubt the dark side of the internet is winning at attacking, breaching, and exfiltrating data from too many consumers as well as businesses.

As of June 2018, over 2,300 data breaches have been disclosed exposing over 2.6 Billion records. In the 4iQ 2018 Breached Identity Report, we reported that 2017 “may go down in history as the year of accidental exposures.” As technology continues to evolve in ability and sophistication, the methods used to compromise that technology also evolve with it.

To illustrate the instances of what puts individuals and corporations at risk, 4iQ conducted a survey in July 2018, providing insight into what Americans worry about when it comes to their digital identity and security.

This survey provides a glimpse into public concerns relating to personal data privacy, and even the potential for corporate security risks from an uneducated or unmotivated employee audience.

- Claire Umeda, Head of Marketing at 4iQ

infographic on the password security and data privacy survey 2018 by 4iQ


Survey summary:

Data breaches have become an epidemic.

Download the 4iQ Identity Breach Report 2018: “Identities in the Wild: The Tsunami of Breached Identities Continues" which is based on 8.7 billion raw records from nearly 3,525 raw breach corpuses that 4iQ has discovered through our proprietary intelligence platform.