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4iQ offers free service and trial for
online retailers, financial services companies


Each year since Cyber Monday became an American phenomenon, instances of online fraud have risen. If you look at the trajectory of data breaches and leaks in 2018, we know there is a massive amount of exposed personal identifiable information and credentials in the hands of cyber criminals waiting for the right time to strike and capitalize on their collections.With the last three months of 2017 seeing an “all time high” or 17% increase of account takeover, we can only surmise that this year will top that, considering that in the halfway point of 2018, the amount of exposed records almost doubled from 12.4 million to ~22.5 million.

In the spirit of giving, 4iQ will be offering a “FREE Breach Watch Service” to eCommerce and financial organizations from November 26 (Cyber Monday) though January 31, 2019 leveraging our Hacked-Emails community portal.

When you sign up, we will:

  • Validate your email to your domain and make sure you sent the request.
  • Once verified, we will start scanning for your domain and notify you if there are any matches.
  • Then, we will monitor your domain throughout the holiday season.

4iQ is helping other eCommerce and financial service companies find breached credential evidence associated with their customer account. Find out more about how we can proactively check for your consumer for exposures to reduce fraudulent activity.

You’ve done everything to lock down your security perimeter. Unfortunately, your customers are doing business with companies not as diligent as yours – that don’t do everything right.