July 28, 2020

Demystify Cryptocurrency and Identity-based Cybercrime Investigations

It’s no secret that cryptocurrencies have taken the fintech world by storm. Unfortunately, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have also drawn attention from some criminals, hackers, and fraudsters. Learn how you can demystify cryptocurrency and speed identity-based cybercrime investigations.

Companies and organizations have a lot on their plate, juggling employee safety with business continuity efforts and in some cases, decreased revenue. Yet more than ever, this is a critical time to invest in cybersecurity.  By focusing on tools and data that help investigate identity-based cybercrime, you can identity the criminals behind sophisticated scams and phishing tactics. Moreover, you can prevent future financial fraud and loss.

Tune into this podcast on the cybercrime landscape as it relates to cryptocurrency-fueled financial crime.

Guest speakers discuss how technology and innovation can help protect banks, businesses, consumers from those that exploit digital currencies. Guests are Patrick Westerhaus, CEO of Cyber Team Six  (a company building software to defeat the cyber enabled crimes of fraud, theft and espionage) and Luke Wilson 4iQ VP of Intelligence.

Listen to the Cryptocurrency & Financial Crimes Podcast now. 

Cybercriminals will Persistently Capitalize on Identity-based cybercrime and the Pandemonium from Covid-19

From script kiddies to state-sponsored hackers, threat actors are taking full advantage of Covid-19 through a myriad of scams. Pandemic-themed activity include ransomware, blackmail, business email compromise and phishing campaigns have spiked. Unsurprisingly, the combination of people spending more time online and uncertainty surrounding this pandemic has increased malicious activity. To understand the magnitude of pandemic-fueled, identity-based cybercrime, 4iQ has researched and documented the activity in the 4iQ Covid-19 Threat Report.

Use Breached Data to Power Cryptocurrency and Identity-based Cybercrime Investigations

With the massive increase of data breaches year over year, it’s no surprise that Identity protection services have become mainstream. Identity Protection Providers help identity and monitor personally identifiable information and credentials exposed in the deep dark web. 4iQ IDLake and 4iQ IDTheft powers identity theft protection and cyber insurance providers with identity intelligence from the deep dark web data.

You can help the cybercrime fighting community. Send suspicious emails to your company’s security team and report them to the Anti-Phishing Working Group or the Federal Trade Commission. By doing so, you can help the cyber intelligence community fight against identity-based cybercrime.

Decrease time to actionable Intelligence  and Prevent Fraud and Financial Loss

In addition to helping identity protect service providers, 4iQ brings unique, actionable intelligence to fraud and cybercrime investigators. Today, organizations are using 4iQ IDHunt to efficiently and effectively solve cyber crime and fraud investigations. 4iQ IDHunt uses breached identity intelligence along with phishing, human trafficking, cryptocurrency, domain and dark marketplace data in an easy-to-use portal. This allows investigators to pivot and enrich dark web intelligence with other identity-based data to uncover bad actors and complete missions fast. Therefore, if you are conducting fraud and financial crime investigations with OSINT and other data sources, contact us to see how we can help optimize your financial crime investigative unit.


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