4iQ is an adversary intelligence company on a mission to empower intelligence analysts, security researchers, and criminal investigators with capabilities to discover, uncover, and disrupt adversaries. The 4iQ IDLake™ archives over 20 billion identity records collected from open sources on the deep and dark web and powers two solutions:

  • 4iQ IDHunt™ Core & IDHunt™ Enterprise are pioneering adversary intelligence and attribution analysis solutions used by Cyber Crime Investigators, Fraud Investigation Units, Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime Intel Units, and advanced Security Operations Centers.
  • 4iQ IDTheft™, enables our clients to assess identity risk and monitor people for ongoing exposures seamlessly through REST APIs. These APIs tap into the 4iQ IDLake, retrieving exposed identity records and risk scores that power password manager, account takeover prevention, business risk assessments and consumer identity protection providers.

4iQ brings together Intelligence Community analysts with tactical and operational experience working on high-priority, time-critical missions with high-tech, Silicon Valley heritage. We are intelligence community analysts, Cyber Security pioneers and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, passionate about empowering the people on the frontlines combating crime.

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