Empower cyber heroes to know their
adversary and thwart their attacks.

Cyber attacks and data breaches cost companies, countries, and individuals billions of dollars annually. This problem isn’t going away. In fact, it is getting worse every day. Hacked and dumped, and lost and leaked identity information is proliferating in the surface, social, deep and dark web and bad actors are using this information to launch an unrelenting stream of new attacks. Organizations need to take a more active approach.

4iQ was founded because protecting people and information requires more than just basic security hygiene, building a wall or defending a network. We are on a mission to protect people and organizations with breached identity intelligence. Knowing that cybercriminals are also in these breached corpuses, we built tools and technology to leverage our adversary intelligence to combat cyber crime.

We are intelligence community analysts, infosec pioneers, military veterans and tech entrepreneurs with a single mission: empower cyber heroes to know their adversary and disrupt cyber-enabled crime.


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