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Identity-focused Cyber Intelligence

FACT: 80% of cyber crime begins with stolen credentials.

Once emails, passwords and other personal information is stolen through a hack, cyber criminals sell and trade them in the deep and dark web. Now those credentials cannot only be used by the hacker that stole them, but by bad actors everywhere.

With this understanding, 4iQ’s global team of data security experts hunt for stolen credentials and personal information in the surface, social, deep and dark web. We then alert individuals and organizations if and when their information is exposed, and their identities and assets are at risk.

Our Advantage

Other companies look into the deep and dark web for stolen credentials and information, too. So how is 4iQ different?

The deep web is nearly 100 times larger than the surface web. And it is practically unsearchable. The dark web requires special browsers and many parts of it are by invitation only. A company’s ability to find not just credentials, but identity threat intelligence on the deep and dark web is largely dependent on having the right connections, knowing where to look, and keeping a laser focus on identity related information.

This is where we excel.

4iQ has indexed billions of exposed identities by scanning documents in 26 languages across search engines and social media, un-indexed, transient deep web sites like paste bins, hacker forums, irc channels, open databases, file - sharing sites, forums, black markets and deep and dark web sites.

To keep this information up-to-the-minute, we continuously index and runs algorithms on large, well known breaches and thousands of zero day or unknown exposures. Using proprietary technology and subject matter experts we uncover fresh data, verify authenticity of the data and determine attribution.

You can’t be sure you will find a needle in the haystack if you are only looking at half of the stack. 4iQ searches the entire haystack and every corner of the barn, with greater speed, accuracy and security than anyone else in the industry.




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