April 19, 2017

4iQ named up and coming startup by CBInsights ‘Cyber Defenders’

4iQ named up and coming startup by CBInsights ‘Cyber Defenders’

2017 cybersecurity trends to watch and high-momentum startups with the potential to shape the future of digital resilience.

CB Insights has identified early-to-mid-stage, high velocity startups pioneering cybersecurity technology. These companies are profiled as the most promising private companies to watch for and categorized in the following areas: Quantum Encryption, Predictive Intelligence, Deception Security, Autonomous Systems, IoT Security, Mobile Security, Automobile Security, Critical Infrastructure Security, and Cyber Insurance.

Top security companies watch by CBInsights

CBInsights has placed 4iQ into the Predictive Intelligence category. Products in this segment can provide actionable information that helps prevent malicious attacks by parsing various data feeds from outside sources, including the surface, social and deep and dark Web, and behavioral data inside a company or organization’s network.

4iQ is honored to be recognized by CBInsights in their Cyber Defenders 2017 Report as highlighted in this article from NetworkWorld.