4iQ Identity Breach Report 2019
“Identities in the Wild:
The Long Tail of Small Breaches”

4iQ continuously monitors for breaches and leaks found in open sources on the surface, social and deep and dark web with automated crawlers and subject matter experts authenticating and verifying the data.

In 2018, 4iQ has discovered 12,499 authentic breaches and saw 14.9 billion raw identity records circulating across the web. After normalizing and cleansing the data, the team assessed that 3.6 billion identity records were new and authentic.

The report dives into last year’s data indicating the following trends:

  • There has been a 71% increase with 14.9 Billion Identity records circulating in underground communities in 2018.
  • Cyber criminals shifted their focus, targeting more small businesses, resulting in a 424% increase in authentic and new breaches from 2017.
  • Massive password combo lists continue to grow to support account takeover campaigns.
  • “Government Agencies” was the largest growing exposed industry in 2018, increasing 291% from 2017.
  • The United States and China together accounted for 47% of all compromised identity records.
  • Citizen data and voter records are being targeted and packaged in an unstable geopolitical environment.
  • Accidental exposures from open devices account for three of the year’s largest breaches but the number of leaking devices is slowly declining.

By analyzing our findings, we help companies and individuals recognize and understand the risks of exposed credentials and personal identifiable information.
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