4iQ Identity Breach Report 2018

Last year, 4iQ identified and authenticated over 3 billion identity records, representing an increase of more than 64 percent over 2016. That tsunami-sized increase alone made us ask “why?”

The 4iQ team dug into the details to understand more about information exposed through data breaches.

The result is the 4iQ Identity Breach Report 2018: “Identities in the Wild: The Tsunami of Breached Identities Continues.”

While other reports consider information available from public disclosure and media reports, this report is based on 8.7 billion raw records from nearly 3,525 raw breach corpuses that we discovered through our proprietary intelligence platform.

We then verified the breaches and authenticated the records to better understand the:

  • Frequency
  • Number of individuals impacted
  • Data authenticity
  • Types of information exposed
  • Industries affected
  • Countries experiencing the highest number of breaches
  • Impact of accidental exposures

Identity Breach Report

Ultimately, by analyzing our findings, we help companies and individuals recognize and understand the risks that they are facing and steps that must be taken to mitigate that risk.

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