October 2, 2016

4iQ Raises $14 Million Series A Round

Identity Threat Intelligence company 4iQ has raised a $14 million Series A round, led by Silicon Valley-based Trident Capital Cybersecurity.

Julio Casal, the co-founder and CTO of 4iQ and also co-founder of AlienVault®, the leading provider of Unified Security ManagementTM (USM) and crowdsourced threat intelligence, announced that Alberto Yépez, co-founder and managing director of Trident Capital Cybersecurity, will join the 4iQ board as chairman.

Julio and Monica 4iQ LeadershipThe round, which includes funding from Adara Ventures and Telefónica Open Future, through its corporate fund Telefónica Ventures, will fuel 4iQ product development and global expansion.

4iQ today powers Cyber Risk Intelligence Centers for defense and law enforcement agencies, managed security service providers, critical infrastructure companies, and multi-national companies. These organizations use the 4iQ platform to fuse data and documents from surface, social, deep and dark web sources. Organizations also use the platform to investigate topics and targets, research relationships, collaborate on cases, and produce intelligence that helps protect people, physical and digital assets, intellectual property and reputation.

4iQ data loss monitoring capabilities help companies reduce business risk created by stolen credentials, personal information and proprietary documents that may be exposed.

“Unlike other companies that focus on technical risk inside the company’s network, 4iQ focuses on business risk that comes from beyond the corporate network, in documents exposed and data traded in underground communities in the deep and dark web”, said 4iQ CEO, Monica Pal.

Alberto Yépez added that 4iQ is used by a variety of intelligence units in Spain, including Guardia Civil, which lies at the forefront of the fight against terrorism, hacktivism, fraud and organized crime. “With these same forces attacking the enterprise, we believe that 4iQ is well positioned to power intelligence units and reduce business risk for companies worldwide,” Yépez said.

Ana Segurado, Telefonica Open Future_ global manager, said 4iQ also powers ElevenPaths Cybersecurity strategy, enabling Telefónica to provide a complete solution that protects customers’ IT assets and monitors the external environment to protect people, physical property and proprietary information. “Our investment in 4iQ continues our commitment to cybersecurity, a high growth part of the industry,” Segurado added.

Founded in Spain by Julio Casal, 4iQ raised seed funding from Adara Ventures, a specialist in discovering and developing high-growth tech companies with global market promise. According to Alberto Gomez, managing partner of Adara Ventures, “Serial entrepreneur Julio Casal is following the same blueprint that created AlienVault, an extremely successful company.”